The Pinky Swear

In a land not far, where promises mean more,
There lived a rule, both legend and lore.
The Pinky Swear, a pledge to revere,
To hold your word, or face a fate severe.

A team of sales guys, so jolly and bright,
Swore oaths with their pinkies, clasped tight.
They knew the risk, but chose to defy,
For a pinky's worth was a price too high.

But alas, one day, a promise was broken,
And the fates did stir, a fearsome token!
The rule was clear, the price to be paid,
A pinky lost, with a gruesome parade!

On video, a stage for all to see,
The promise breaker appeared on camera, and fell upon his knee.
A sharpened blade, a trembling hand,
The promise-breaker prepared for the brand.

As the team looked on, some stifled Giggles,
At the scene before them, a strange kind of riddle.
The tiny appendage, the star of the show,
Wobbled and wiggled, as if to say, "NO!"

The moment arrived, the blade in the air,
Yet laughter erupted, shattering despair,
The promise-breaker, a comical sight,
With a pinky puppet, not ready to bite.

"Enough!" they cried, as tears filled their eyes,
"This silly old custom, let's leave it behind!"
And so it was agreed, that day in the sun,
The Pinky Swear rule was finally undone.

From then on, they vowed, they'd still keep their word,
But severing fingers? That's just absurd!
For a team full of laughter, of joy, and of cheer,
A promise of hitting forecasts would always be near.